Wednesday, October 15, 2008

FREE:Netbeans IDE Certification Exam !

Good news for all Java developer who are using NetBeans IDE or intend to use it. Sun is offering free certification (beta version) for it! "Passing the exam entitles you to the full status of Sun Certified Specialist Netbeans IDE, and you will receive a Sun certification kit. A certification kit will have your certificate, Logo Agreement and Letter." I have attended similar kind of certification before. Trust me passing a beta version is much more exciting than the original version of the exam. The reason is simple, there is limited resource available on the certification which is on beta version and most of the cases the technology is new. Guys I am also taking this exam! I am following Netbeans IDE help.

You will get more useful information at:
Netbeans IDE Certification Exam
FREE Certification Beta: Sun Certified Specialist Netbeans IDE

I will recomend to follow the JavaRanch thread to get information and tips on the certification. This is the best Java cerification forum/site I have ever seen. Hope soon there will be a seperate forum for Netbeans certification in JavaRanch site.

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